1920s Art Deco Celluloid Flower Basket Ribbon Slide Necklace

$ 250.00

This 1920s Art Deco celluloid slide necklace on a black grosgrain ribbon is perfect for your inner flapper girl! Patented in 1869, celluloid was the first man-made plastic. It was used to create everything from billiard balls to vanity sets, and lots and lots of jewelry. This architectural celluloid pendant is hand-cut to create the open work of a flower basket. It is reminiscent of the silhouette art that was very popular at the time. The flower basket holds three carved and applied roses at its center and is hand-painted in pink, green, gold, and blue. The two sliders are also adorned with the same carved flowers and painted details.



Very Good vintage condition. The ribbon has only slight wear for its age. When this becomes your favorite necklace, if the ribbon gets worn out after repeated wears, it can always be replaced. You will also see a bit of minimal wear to the paint consistent with age.



Total length of the ribbon is 33 1/4". The sliders adjust to a maximum opening length of 28 1/4". The celluloid pendant measures 2 1/4" long and 1 7/8” at its widest.

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