Antique Egyptian Faience Scarab Earrings in Handwrought 14k Gold Settings

$ 1,550.00

This pair of earrings made from Egyptian faience scarabs are the very definition of one-of-a-kind. Egyptian faience is a colorful glazed ceramic used by ancient Egyptians to mimic lapis lazuli, carnelian, or turquoise as seen here. The two antique scarabs used to create these earrings were originally hand-carved beads, likely from the 1880s-1930s. You can see the two beads are entirely different from each other, and each shows the hand of the artist that made it. In the 1970s their original owner brought them back with her from Egypt and had them custom made into these 14k gold French wire earrings. These are definitely for the client who likes the perfectly imperfect beauty of an entirely handwrought piece.



Excellent vintage condition.



Unmarked but acid tested and guaranteed.



1" x 3/4"

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