Circa 1915 Natural Red Coral Strand Necklace

$ 295.00

This delicate strand of red coral beads is over 100 years old, created around 1915. Each glossy bead retains an organic shape giving the necklace a natural beauty.  It is a simple yet feminine piece that easily adds a pop of color to your layered look. Because of it’s effortless charm, a simple strand of coral beads continued to be a popular accessory from the Regency era to the early 20th century, where it was commonly worn by young women. So if you ever feel like channeling a heroine from your favorite historical romance novel (We’re looking at you Emma) this necklace is a nice accessory to start with.



Excellent antique condition.



The strand of beads measures  17 1/4” long. Each bead is slightly different, an average bead measures 1/8”

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