Early 20th Century Italian Sterling Silver Torso Stomach Milagro Ex-Voto

$ 295.00

Experiencing an upset stomach? This early 20th century sterling silver torso or belly milagro ex-voto might just be the answer to your prayers or at the very least a funky addition to your jewelry collection. This particular charm came from Italy, but they are most prevalently found in Central America, South America and Spain. The charms are called milagros, meaning “miracle,” because traditionally they would be left at holy sites and places of worship as offerings to saints to represent a prayer for a miracle pertaining to a particular ailment. In this case it could be for digestive issues, an injury, or maybe even a prayer for abs. Either way, you can use this charm in the traditional sense, or loop a chain or a silk cord through that beautiful repousse bail at the top and wear it around your neck for an effective conversation piece.



Very Good antique condition. Some surface scratches and wear consistent with the age of the piece. 



Unmarked, but acid tested and guaranteed.



Measures approximately 4 1/4” in length and 3 1/2” wide.

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