Victorian 18K Gold Scarab Beetle Bracelet

$ 3,950.00

In the late 1700s, Napoleon’s military campaign in Northern Africa inspired a trend for exotic pieces with Egyptian motifs. The Victorians adored both the ancient opulence and rich, mysterious symbolism behind Egyptian-inspired jewelry. Scarabs represent rebirth, resurrection, and the eternal soul, a perfect match for the Victorian attitude towards life, death, and all in between. This bracelet circa 1875 is crafted with 10 genuine tortoise beetles set in 18K gold-- not for the faint of heart! Tortoise beetles were the Victorians' species of choice to stand in for genuine scarabs, the dung beetles that the Ancient Egyptians admired. The beetles have an enchanting iridescence to their outer shells, glinting with greens from chartreuse to teal depending upon the light. Each beetle is prong set into a handwrought frame that was custom made to fit each unique creature. The back of the bracelet is solid, an elegant design detail that spares the wearer contact with the beetles' undercarriage. Many examples of Victorian scarab jewelry feature beetles set into open frames, so we appreciate this thoughtful design choice.



Excellent vintage condition. The perfect condition of the beetles is amazing! There is one prong that is shorter than the others, but being that each of these settings were handmade to fit each beetle, it may be original to the piece. The original spring ring had lost its spring, so we replaced it with a new one of the same size.



Stamped "K18" on both of the rings soldered to the ends of the bracelet.



The bracelet measures 7 3/8" long and 1/2" wide. 

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