14k Gold French Stanhope Binocular Souvenir Charm with Images of Los Angeles and Miami Beach from the 30s-40s

$ 525.00

This French made 14k gold souvenir binocular charm dating from the 1930s -1940s is a real treat because it holds a little surprise. It’s a stanhope! If you look through the right lens you’ll see images of Miami Beach and if you look through the left lens you’ll see Los Angeles. The Stanhope lens, consisting of a glass cylinder with two convex ends, was invented in the late 18th century by Charles Stanhope. In 1857 Rene Dagron took Charles’ idea a step further and  invented a miniature optical device by attaching a microphotograph onto the end of a small stanhope lens. Thus stanhope jewelry was born! It is no surprise that these extraordinary devices became popular souvenirs throughout the 19th and 20th century. This fantastic little binocular charm allows you to glimpse into the past.



Excellent vintage condition. 



The charm is marked “14KT.”   It is signed “Made in France” in photo of Los Angeles on the left hand side. 



The binoculars measure 5/8” by 9/16”. The charm weighs 1.9 grams.


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