1930s Sterling Silver Vermeil Filigree Bead Necklace

$ 475.00

Beads with a 1930s "twist!" This sterling silver vermeil, (sterling silver plated with gold), necklace is comprised of intricate handwrought filigree beads. The delicate lace-like tracery of the filigree, combined with the soft hue of the vermeil, creates a beautifully intricate vintage piece.

Filigree is derived from the Latin word filum, meaning thread. While filigree jewelry design was prevalent throughout ancient times, these days it is a specialized skill. The art of making filigree consists of twisting fine wire tightly to create a rigid pattern. The wire is twisted to form various shapes and soldered to form the complete piece. This necklace is a lovely, finely crafted, and detailed example of this art form.



Excellent vintage condition.



Marked "STERLING" on clasp



The necklace is 17 1/2" long with 12mm filigree beads. Weighs 36.5 grams.

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