1940s 14k Gold Mechanical Jack-in-the Box Enamel Charm

$ 425.00

This 1940s 14k gold mechanical charm is a real box of laughs. At first it looks like a simple cube charm, but when you release the latch, a little enamel jack-in-the-box clown pops up!  It genuinely brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. The charm can be worn on a bracelet, as it was meant to be in the 1940s or on a necklace. You can leave the lid open, revealing the clown inside, but it is probably more fun to keep the contents of the box a secret and wait for an opportune moment to reveal the treasure inside to an unsuspecting friend. 



Very Good vintage condition. This piece has only the most minor dings and dents in the outside of the gold box, visible upon close inspection. There is very little loss to the enamel of the clown, again only visible upon close inspection.



The closed box is a 3/8" cube.



The underside is marked “14K.”

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