1950s Native American Old Pawn Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

$ 475.00

This striking 1950s Old Pawn Native American sterling silver cuff bracelet features organic pieces of beautifully matrixed turquoise set in tooth edged bezels.  It is framed by round studs and bordered by an intricate tooled sun pattern. Old Pawn Native American jewelry was not made for public sale, but rather for a member of the community which makes pieces such as this incredibly special. They were generally family heirlooms that were believed to provide good health to the wearer and also serve as portable wealth. In times of need one could trade or pawn their heirloom, which is where the name comes from. This treasure has a very long history attached to it, now a new owner gets to lovingly create its next chapter. 



Excellent  vintage condition.



Unmarked acid tested guaranteed silver.



Inner circumference is approximately 6 1/4”, Opening in cuff is approximately 1 1/10” wide, and the bracelet is about 1” wide.

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