1960s J. Hull Amethyst Druzy Handwrought Collar

$ 425.00

Cast a spell over all you meet with this enchanting Jacob Hull collar. Hull was famous for making one of a kind solid sterling pieces in his studio, as well as silver plated pieces such as this amethyst piece for Buch + Deichmann. The handwrought nature and rough amethyst druzy at front and center are both highly typical of Hull's designs, and the result is absolutely mesmerizing. Amethyst is considered by many to have protective properties, from the ancient Greek belief that it prevented intoxication to the feng shui practice of using amethyst to promote calm and serenity. All we can promise for sure is that this collar will protect you from looking drab.



Very Good vintage condition.



Marked "J. Hull," " B+D" (Buch + Diechmann), and "Denmark."



The collar measures approximately 11 1/4" in length and 1 1/4" across widest point. The center amethyst measures approximately 1" across.

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