1970s Mid-Century Modern Sterling Silver Zodiac Cancer Crab Pendant Necklace

$ 325.00

Where are all my late June- early July babies out there? This 1970s Mid-Century Modern sterling silver crab pendant is the perfect accessory for a Cancer. The round medallion with organic edges is very reminiscent of that fabulous 70s Tiffany Zodiac collection. This pendant is a lost wax casting, meaning the artist created a wax model, covered it in plaster and fired it. The wax melted away leaving it’s imprint in the plaster, thus creating a jewelry mold. It really is a unique piece of art! The crab in the center of the pendant bears an abstract pattern on its back that reminds us of a face, but that just might be a case of pareidolia rather than the actual intent of the artist.  Not a Cancer and just a fan of crabs? That works too; crabs also symbolize perseverance, success, self-sufficiency, and the different paths you might take in life, all of which are worth celebrating.



The pendant is marked “Sterling” on the reverse and the chain is marked “STR” and “STERLING.” 



Excellent vintage condition.



The necklace measures 24 1/2” in length and the pendant measures 1 1/2” diameter.

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