Antique 900 Silver Figa on Figa Charm Pendant with Fleur de Lis Accent

$ 595.00

We have a wide collection of hand jewelry at Icon Style and we love it all, but this 900 silver antique figa charm is without a doubt one of our favorites. This substantial figa hand pendant is solidly made, so it has a  satisfying weight to it. It features a gorgeous sleeve adorned with fleur de lis and a bracelet bearing an even smaller figa. How meta is that? The figa, a hand with the thumb placed between two fingers, derives from Italy and is actually a lewd gesture meant to symbolize female genitalia. If you have any doubts about this, type the word figa into Google’s Italian to English translator; it translates the word as “fanny”, so there you have it. These charms are traditionally worn in Italy and South America; my very educated guess is that this piece originates from Brazil. Figas are worn to ward off the evil eye, the crude gesture is supposed to distract evil away from the wearer, but that’s not all. The centuries old symbol is the perfect totem for female empowerment, representing pleasure, fertility, and strength. I’d like to think the mini figa on this charm adds just a little extra oomph to both sentiments.



Excellent antique condition, with wonderful patina.  



The piece is marked “900” and has an unidentified anchor hallmark (not the Birmingham mark).



The piece measures 1 1/2"  from the top of the bale to the longest point of the finger and is 1/2" at its widest point.

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