Circa 1910 18k White Gold Edwardian Filigree Ring with Diamonds and Emeralds

$ 1,925.00

This incredibly elegant Edwardian ring in 18k white gold with diamonds and emeralds is a beautiful collection of elements from two of the most beloved and recognizable design movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The Edwardian period existed but for a moment on the cusp between these two movements. Filigree rings in this particular style were born in the Edwardian era and rose in popularity in the Art Deco period. Note the angularity of the filigree work, the tooth-edge bezel settings of the emeralds, and the elongating rectangular shape on the finger that evolved into the geometry and architecture of Art Deco. In the foliate details on the face and shoulders of the setting, you see the homage to nature that blossomed with Art Nouveau. This ring is a beautifully done nod to both what had been and what was still to come.



"18K" on inside of shank.


Excellent vintage condition.


Ring size is 5.75. The face of the ring is 7/8"x 3/8". The ring weighs 4.8 grams.

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