Circa 1910 Bliss Brothers Two-Tone Gold Plate Finger Purse with Monogrammed Pill Snuff Box

$ 225.00

This two-tone gold plated finger purse might be petite, but it is full of personality and possibilities. It was created around 1910 by Bliss Brothers Co., who were known for making various trinkets for both women and men. The petite box dangles at the end of a chain attached to a finger ring and features intricate engraving as well as the monogram “M S” in bold script letters. It was originally intended to be a pill or snuff box, but it can also be used for emergency small change (trust me I checked, you can fit two dimes and a nickel comfortably). You can even put a photo of a loved one or a lock of their hair in the box. The possibilities are endless! Our recommendation is to wear this strung on a necklace or off your favorite watch chain, if a finger purse isn’t something you wear on the regular.



BB Co., a small “B and Co.” inside a larger “B.”



Good antique condition with some wear to the plating on one side and the finger ring, and some surface scratches consistent with age. There are also minor dents on the back. (see photos) The wear does not deter from the overall look and wearability of the piece.



The finger purse in its entirety from the top of the ring to the end of the box is approximately 5 1/8” in length. The chain and box not including the ring in the measurement dangles about 4 1/2” long. The box measures 1 1/10” squared and 2/5” deep.

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