Early Victorian Hilliard & Thomason Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Anchor Brooch dated 1848

$ 495.00

This grand sterling silver early Victorian brooch features a stunning hand engraved anchor and a festooning chain with a dangling drop pendant. The piece was created by Hilliard & Thomason, a well known small silversmith company from Birmingham that was in business between 1840 until 1890. The company even exhibited their goods at the famous Great Exhibition, also known as the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851. Although they were famous for their silverware, vinaigrettes, and snuff boxes, they evidently also made some gorgeous silver jewelry. Besides being a recognizable nautical motif, the anchor is historically a symbol of hope, steadfastness, and unwavering love. It makes sense when you think of a sailor’s wish for smooth sailing and a safe return to their loved ones. It is a nice reminder to stay grounded and true to what you believe, and to remain positive during stormy times. 


Very Good vintage condition. This piece has normal minor surface scratches consistent with age.  The bead which hangs off the anchor has some very minor dings and 1 small dent (see close up photo).  We are very exacting so these are things that you will only notice on close inspection.



The reverse is marked “REG 30 MARCH 1848” with the makers mark “H&T” for Hilliard & Thomason. Acid tested sterling silver.



The anchor is 3” at its longest and 1 ⅝” at its widest. It weighs 12.7 grams.



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