Late Victorian Penny Farthing Sterling Silver and Paste Brooch

$ 450.00

Ah, the penny farthing. The motorcycle of its day- the chosen vehicle for those who valued speed over safety, who wanted to feel the wind in their hair and see the road blur below their feet. While the risk averse opted for tricycles and quadricycles, the bold chose the perilous heights of the penny farthing, whose large front wheel allowed for higher velocity travel before the invention of chain-driven gears. Maybe this sterling silver brooch with spectacular prong-set paste belonged to a Victorian biker babe. Maybe she had her own high wheeler, and wore men's trousers when she rode and didn't care what anybody had to say about it. Or maybe she wore this pinned to her jacket as she perched on the rear peg of her beloved's bicycle. Or maybe he gave it to her as a parting gift before he pedaled off into the sunset, saying she was a great girl but his heart belonged to the road.


Marked “STERLING” on the back.


Excellent antique condition.


This brooch measures 3 1/4" x 2 7/8".

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