Victorian 9K Rose Gold Gate Bracelet

$ 850.00

One needn't be "locked down" by a companion to appreciate this delightful 9K rose gold Victorian gate bracelet. Historically, this style was popular amongst Victorian long distance lovers. It is said that these bracelets were given to sweethearts as a sign of fidelity and chastity before a long departure. They typically feature a padlock shaped like a heart as the closure. This particular example is dated to 1870 and has the soft pinkish hue of Victorian rose gold. To open this lovely piece, the heart shaped hinged padlock pulls open. Once removed, it reveals two overlapping links. The curb link chain is connected with a thin safety chain to ensure your beloved bracelet remains on your wrist.



Excellent antique condition. There is some very minor normal scratching on the padlock, which is barely visible.



Unmarked but acid tested and guaranteed



The bracelet measures 6 5/8” in length and when you open the lock to slip over the hand, it opens as wide as 8 5/8". The curb links are just under 1/4” wide. The heart shaped lock is 5/8” long and 1/2” across at the heart’s widest point. Weighs 8.6 grams.

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