Sunday Brunch: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

March 14, 2021
Dear friends,

This week we are looking at the March birthstone: aquamarines! Like emeralds, aquamarines are part of the beryl family and come in a variety of blues and light blue-greens reminiscent of water. Hence their rather nautical name! They are rumored to calm the sea, heal ailments, and grant happiness to newlyweds. In today's newsletter, we have a collection of both aquamarines and "aquamarine" to share with you, along with a selection of a lesser known March birthstone; bloodstones!

This Week: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

C. 1865 Sweet Little Victorian 10k Gold and Aquamarine Ring $465

80s Stunning 14K Gold 13.98ct Aquamarine Cocktail Ring with Diamond Accents $2350

40s Victorian Revival Brass Bracelet with "Amethyst" Art Glass and Emerald Cut "Aquamarine" Rhinestones $495

40s Teal Glass Brooch with "Pearl" Frame $85 

40s Hobe Festoon Bar Brooch with Tassel $350

20s Sterling Silver Uncas "Aquamarine" and "Diamond" Paste Ring $725 

C. 1880 Victorian 14k Gold Ring with Claw Set Blue Stone $325

40s Rhodium Plated Crystal Festoon Necklace with Matching Earrings $425 

...and Bloodstone!

Bloodstones, also called heliotropeare part of the chalcedony family and are characterized by their deep green hue and bright red inclusions, resembling drops of blood. Bloodstones are associated with strength, courage, sacrifice, and healing. They were popularly used in Scottish kilt pins and brooches, as well as fobs and seals in the Victorian era. We have a few lovely examples below!


14k Gold Victorian Fob with Bloodstone and Beautiful Repoussé Details $1100

1860 Early Victorian Sterling Silver and Bloodstone Fob $295

Victorian Scottish Sterling Silver, Agate, Bloodstone, and Cairngorm Dirk Brooch $245

And Another...Victorian Scottish Sterling Silver Agate, Bloodstone, Cairngorm, and Citrine Dirk Brooch $395 

C. 1880 Victorian Gold Filled Spinner Fob with Bloodstone on One Side and Agate on the Other $210


And Another...1887 Frederick William Tomkins Turton Victorian English Sterling Silver Spinner Fob with Bloodstone and Carnelian $295


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Happy Birthday to all the March Babies!!!!

Keep a look out for next week's newsletter! In celebration of our 8th Anniversary we are featuring an Icon Style specialty! Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint, it starts with the letter Sssssss.

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