Sunday Brunch: Around the World & Around the House

May 24, 2020

Dear friends,

Many of you probably don't know this about me, but before I opened this boutique I was an avid traveler, definitely born with the wanderlust. For many years I lived and worked in other countries. I spent time in the Netherlands, British Colombia, and my longest stay... three years in Ecuador teaching high school Art and Art History. When I settled into living in New York, I would work 7 days a week 10 months a year so that I might throw on my backpack for the other 2 months to visit Africa, Cambodia, Japan, to name a few. I hitchhiked to Germany when the wall was coming down and saw Roger Water perform "The Wall" at the wall, and watched young East Germans see West Germany for the first time. I hopped on the Euro Rail when communism fell in Czechoslovakia and Václav Havel went from playwright, to prisoner, to president. Czechoslovakians crowded the streets with any instruments they had and celebrated playing non-sanctioned music, no one I met spoke English but they knew the words to any Beatles song.

I have been thinking about travel a lot lately (even before COVID-19) and how much I miss it, since I travel less now that I run a brick and mortar shop. And while these days I travel from my bedroom to the kitchen, I think one of the exciting lessons I have learned from the current situation is an understanding of the need for balance.  How to be both a business owner and citizen of the world.  Where do you dream of visiting next?

So in honor of travel...  for this week's Sunday Brunch, we have Jewelry of the World! Each photo showcases pieces from a different country- I enjoyed putting these groupings together, I hope you enjoy them too.

I've got my bowl of ceviche (my favorite breakfast and the national hangover cure of Ecuador) and I'm ready to dive into some jewelry.


This Week: Around the World, Around the House 


Silver Filigree Box c. 1950 $275; 20s Floral Cameo Ring $275; 30s Cameo and Marcasite Bracelet $695; 20s Vermeil Filigree Fringed Necklace $425


Vintage Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings with Foxtail Chain Fringe $185


40s Baverel Bakelite Bangle with Original Tags $110; Gillier Paris Camel Brooch $135; Chanel Enamel Ladybug Cuff Spring 2004, inquire for price


70s Rune Tennesmed Necklace in Pewter & Glass $395; 70s Pewter and Enamel Ring $135


50s Reverse Carved Crystal Pagoda Necklace $145; 50s Reverse Carved Asymmetrical Crystal Crane Necklace $295; 50s Toshikane Painted Porcelain Fan Earrings $125


30s Sterling Silver Cuff with Green Agate $450; 50s Sterling Silver Pin/Pendant with Inlayed Lapis $165; 30s Sterling Silver Brooch with Green Agate $275



C. 1890 Lotus Earrings with Faience Beads $375

60s Faience Suite inquire for price 


 70s Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Bracelet $325


60s Enamel Necklace and Bracelet $350


50s Silver Niello Bracelet $225; 50s Silver Niello Ring $150; 50s Silver and Amber Necklace $295


Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Ring $875; Erik Dennung for Buch & Deichmann Cuff $395

As always, all pieces in this email are available for purchase! Just reply to this email for information about how to buy. All purchases include free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and our deepest appreciation for your support!

 Here are some pieces in my personal collection that have come to me throughout the course of my travels:

Pieces from Thailand, Turkey, Mexico and Hawaii

Pieces from Ecuador, Czechoslovakia, Africa and Alaska

 This week's Stay at Home activities:

  • Travel the world virtually! Click the link to see all kinds of virtual tours of landmarks across the globe.

  • Share your jewelry of the world! If you have jewelry you have acquired during world travels, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #iconstylesundaybrunch and the story of where you got it so we can see and share!

  • Our reader Billie is offering one-on-one knitting classes via Zoom or Google Meet! Email her at for details.

 Thank you all for joining us this week! Now I am going to sit and daydream about where my next adventure might take me. Currently, most likely to the kitchen.

Lots of love and well wishes,

Lara Kornbluh and the Icon Style Team