Sunday Brunch: Cocktail Rings

April 18, 2021
Dear friends,

We have noticed that a lot of our lovely patrons are visiting the shop in search of cocktail rings! They're a fun and sparkly accessory that's easy to admire on your hand while working at home, but also the perfect treat in anticipation of fun things to come after a dark year. 
There are a lot of parallels we can draw between now and 100 years ago, including the growing popularity in cocktail rings! So lets take a quick dive into the history of this iconic piece of jewelry.

The history of cocktail rings is synonymous with freedom, luxury, and fun! They came into vogue in the Roaring 1920s during Prohibition as accessories popularly worn at illegal cocktail parties. It was a time of immense social change; women had more independence then ever before and they were determined to enjoy it! Fashionable women wore big showy rings on the hand they would use to hold their illegal drink, drawing attention to the illicit act. Cocktail rings continued to be the go to ring for fun loving partygoers for decades to come!

So, in celebration of fabulous rebellious women and in hopes of our own roaring 20s to come we have decided to feature some of our favorite cocktail lovelies in today's Sunday Brunch!

Grab yourself an espresso martini and a couple eclairs and let's do this!

This Week: Cocktail Rings

50s 18k White Gold Diamond and Turquoise Ring $3500

Left: 40s Sterling Silver and Crystal Ring $425; Right: Rare c.1900 Sterling Silver, Paste, and Cobalt Glass First Finger Ring $895

Top: 60s Artisan Sterling Silver and Topaz Ring $295; Bottom: 60s Sterling Silver Vermeil Brutalist Branch Ring with Faceted Amethyst $265


20s Art Deco 14k Gold Two Tone Filigree Ring with "Emerald" Paste Stone $895

14k Gold High Domed Carved Rock Crystal Ring with Diamond Checkerboard Center $3150

Left: 50s 14k Gold Floral Ring with Rubies and a Cultured Pearl $950; Top Right: 40s 14k Gold Ring with Cultured Pearls $625; Bottom Right: 60s 18k Gold Mobè Pearl Ring with Woven Setting $1850 

60s Italian 18k Gold and Cobalt Enamel Floral Cocktail Ring $850


70s Sterling Silver and Quartz Ring $145

Top Left: 60s 14k Gold Enamel Ring Brutalist Ring $895; Bottom Left: 70s 14k Gold Two Tone Handwrought Ring with Sapphire Cabochons and Diamonds $1950; Right: 60s 14k Gold Chrysoprase and Diamond Ring Oval Modernist Ring $1550

60s Italian 18k Gold Modernist Enamel Dome Ring $1550


60s 14k White Gold and Diamond Chrysanthemum Ring $795


18k Gold and Jade Cabochon Ring with Diamond Halo $1800

80s Sterling Silver Rhinestone and Grey "Pearl" Flower Ring $165

Top: 50s Sterling Silver and Marcasite Leaves Ring $225; Bottom: 40s Long Sterling Silver and Marcasite Ring $395

60s Faux Alexandrite (Corundum) Ring $895


60s 14k Gold Multi-Stone Ring $1150


Left: 70s 14k Gold Tigers Eye Ring $1295; Right: 80s Toliro 18k Gold Tigers Eye and Diamond Ring $2150

70s Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Hand-Wrought Ring $850 

70s 14k Gold and Blue Banded Agate Ring $925


Finnish 830 Silver "Banded Agate" Ring $225

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, please reply to this email for details on how to buy.

We hope you enjoyed the fabulously colorful history of cocktail rings. We certainly had a great time working with these beauties for today's newsletter! Stop by the shop and show us your rings; we would love to see them!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team