Sunday Brunch: Stud Earrings (and the Unpierced Equivalent!)

September 13, 2020
Dear friends,

This week's newsletter is all about stud earrings! 100% approved for wearing with your mask, or around the house for an easy and comfortable touch of something special. And we also have some options for our unpierced friends- just be extra careful not to lose those clip-ons and screwbacks!

At the end of the email we've included some of our favorite tips for making sure our earrings stay put in this age of masks (and before long we'll be adding scarves and earmuffs to the mix too, for goodness sake!)

It feels like all our New York friends are coming back from their summers away (welcome back, we missed you!) so for this week's brunch it's gotta be a bagel and a schmear, cause what's more NY than that?

This Week: Studs!

Caroline Ballou 18k Gold Byzantine Inspired Studs with Iolite Centers $1,250

Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. 18k Gold "Eternal Circle" Studs $895

The Classic Simple Stud!
Top: .20ct H-SI Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold $725; Middle: 60s Platinum Sphere Studs $295; Bottom: Checkerboard Cut Garnets in 14k Yellow Gold $250

Victorian Love Knots!
Top: 14k Studs with Mine Cut Diamond Centers $1,150; Bottom: 14k Studs with OEC Diamond Centers $795
40s Retro 14k White Gold, Cultured Pearl and Ruby Studs $895
14k Gold "X" Studs with Diamonds and Rubies $625
70s Costume Floral Studs $145
60s Mini Coin Studs!
Top to bottom: Mercury Dime, Penny and Buffalo Nickel $75 each
Aurora Borealis Crystal Studs $95
The side view- love that bullet shape!

40s Rolled Gold Plate Studs $125

Pearl Studs!
Top: Grey Freshwater Pearls in 14k Gold Settings $135; Bottom: 60s Claw Set Cultured Pearls in 14k Gold $365
And some options for our unpierced friends!
(Not technically studs, I know, but didn't want you to feel left out!)


c. 1915 Sterling Silver Screwback Earrings with Foil Back Rose Cut Paste $145

50s Miriam Haskell Chrysanthemum Clip-On Earrings $85

30s Paste Screwback Earrings $65

20s Floral Sterling Silver Marcasite and Faux Pearl Screwback Earrings $125

 All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Whether you prefer studs or statement earrings, here are some tips to not lose your favorite pair if you're taking a mask on and off all day:

  • Double up on backings. Add a rubber stopper to your post and french wire earrings to keep them from slipping out if they get pulled.
  • Avoid hoops with gaps. Open hoops will hook the ear loops on masks, so unless you are planning to hang your mask off of them, try to steer clear!
  • Try eyelash glue. Especially for non-pierced pairs, a dot of eyelash glue can help keep earrings in place.
  • Mind the loops! When putting a mask on and off, I always run my finger around the inside edge of the loops to make sure my earrings are clear and my hair doesn't get tangled into anything. It has saved me from a couple of tragic earrings accidents! 

Have a wonderful Sunday, look forward to being in your inbox again next week!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team