Sunday Brunch: The Staff Edit!

August 16, 2020
Dear friends,

I love the team that we have assembled here at Icon Style. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting them in person, I thought this would be a great way to introduce you to a different kind of Icon Style treasure than usual- our staff! Each of these lovely ladies brings something special to the team, and comes with their own unique style. For this week's newsletter each of our staff members have picked five of their current favorite pieces from the Icon Style collection to share with you. For me to pick just five was quite a challenge since I curate our collection with pieces I love! So I thought I would pick five that represent some of my favorite Icon Style specialties. Hope you enjoy getting to know both the staff and the jewelry!
 This Week: The Staff Edit

is the owner of Icon Style and has been in the jewelry business for 32 years both as a metalsmith and antiques dealer. Her favorite parts are the restoration, research and finding these lovely pieces of wearable art the perfect home.

India Raj Period 22k Gold, Rose Cut Diamonds and Ruby Snake Bracelet

"My first pick would obviously have to be a snake! My longtime obsession and favorite collection. I love it so much, I made it our logo! If it was not my job to share my most remarkable jewelry with the world, this bracelet would be mine. I love everything about it!!! The high karat gold, the rose cut diamonds, the ruby eyes, the way he slithers down the hand."

20s Egyptian Revival Czech Glass Winged Scarab Necklace $425

"If there is such a thing as past lives, one of mine was undoubtedly in Egypt. I am inexplicably drawn to all things Egyptian (besides the obvious superior craftsmanship and beauty). This lovely winged scarab necklace marries two of my of favorite things: Egyptian Revival and Czech glass. The scarab signifies rebirth and renewal, perfect for this transitional chapter we have all entered.

Fun Fact: Egyptians believed the g-d Khepri, a giant scarab, pushed the sun across the sky every day... That sounds like a serious workout."

Rare c. 1890 Victorian Mourning Pendant with Photographs and Foliage

"You can not own a shop like this without being remarkably sentimental therefore I have always been drawn to Georgian and Victorian memento mori and sweetheart jewelry. And I have no problem adopting new family members who are needing a home, like this duo right here. Welcome to my Family!"
18k Gold Watermelon Tourmaline Brutalist Earrings, Inquire for Price

"The metalsmith in me is drawn to these handwrought, one of a kind earrings. They are truly a treasure! In the brutalist tradition, each one is slightly different than the other, with raw slices of watermelon tourmaline. I wish I had conceived and made these myself. And no one else will have them, just one person- maybe you!"


c. 1870 Early Victorian Sterling Silver and Pyrite Bracelet with Gorgeous Hand Engraved Clasp $925

"I adore me a monogram. I like the clue... an imprint of the original owner. I have always been romantically drawn to the idea that we adopt a monogram, add our monogram, and so on and so on, with each of us leaving a clue on the objects we had in our care for a time."

Leni began working at Icon Style two years ago. Having spent most of her working life in a law firm she is now able to work in an environment that follows her true passion-- vintage jewelry and clothing! Her personal style is inspired by old Hollywood glamour, especially movies from the 30s and 40s. Leni's favorite part of working at Icon Style is interacting with the clients and, of course, getting first dibs on the new arrivals is a big plus! She is learning the art of jewelry restoration and acts as the Diamond District go between."

30s Art Deco Resin & Rhinestone "Bird in Flight" Brooch $185

"My love for brooches came from my father. He always wore lapel pins on his jacket and loved giving brooches to my mom, my sister and me. This Deco and rhinestone pin is exactly what he would have chosen to give me."

20s Bezel Set Paste Necklace $395

"Sometimes I wonder if I had lived a previous life back in the Roaring Twenties. And this 20s paste necklace is everything representative of that fabulous era when you 'dressed' for dinner. This is a perfect complement to any special dress."

50s Bow & Tassel Rhinestone Brooch with "Chrysoprase" Glass $365

"What woman doesn't like bling? I prefer mine as accessories to a simple outfit-- be it formal or casual. This beautiful brooch is something I would wear all the time, on a LBD, denim jacket, special occasion or just for fun."

80s Silver and Black Flat Crystal Clip-On Bow Earrings $225

"Happy! That's how these earrings make me feel. When they first arrived in the shop I knew I immediately needed to try them on. And it was love at first try on. And now, more than ever, we need to feel good and nothing beats jewelry therapy."
Diamond Half-Bands in White or Yellow Gold
Many varieties available! Inquire about the beauties you see here, or if you're looking for something similar!
"These sparkling beauties are truly fabulous together. And what fun it is to change the order and change up the look! Wear one or two, or all three at a time!"

Audrey has worked at Icon Style for just about two years and puts together most of our online presence and marketing, including our website, Instagram, and these newsletters! You can find her in the shop most days, either dancing, cleaning, or typing up copy. Her style is all about classic with a twist, and she likes simple pieces with interesting details.

Vintage Ed Levin Sterling Silver Ivy Leaf Patterned Band $125

"I like wearing thick silver bands like this because they are no fuss and can be mixed and matched depending on my mood and outfit. I would own and wear this one too except it is too small for me. Doesn't stop me from constantly trying it on and having to use every trick in the book to get it off. (Someone please buy it and save me from myself)."

1920s Sterling Silver Bangle with Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Coral and Turquoise $850

"I love pieces that use lots of different stones, it's a great way to add a pop of color that matches with almost anything. This bangle is perfect to stack with others to take an outfit from a 7 to a 10, or to wear on its own if you're already at a 9 and just need a little something extra."

Sterling Silver Filigree Bead Chains; Available in a variety of lengths, prices vary.

"These are the perfect example of simple with a twist. From a distance you wouldn't know what they were but when you get up close you can see the texture and the work that went into each bead. I love having little secrets in my outfit like that that only I know about."
Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Band, Inquire for Price

"I generally shy away from sparkle, so for me a ring like this is the perfect way to get to play with some diamonds. The sparkle is creatively and subtly integrated into the design of the piece, looking almost like part of the metal."
Victorian Sterling Silver Clip-On Tassel Earrings $850

"I love how tough and dangerous these earrings look, while still having the delicate, romantic touch Victorian jewelry is known for. These are probably my most coveted piece in the whole shop- but all's fair in love and jewelry if you want to snap them up for yourself."

Deanna is the newest member of the Icon Style team. After studying to become a museum curator in England and starting her career in the auction world, she finally found this fantastic treasure trove of a shop and decided to follow her passion for antique and vintage jewelry. Her style is eclectic with an appreciation for unusual and intricate designs. 

40s Handwrought White Brass Snake Bracelet with Onyx Eyes

"I just love the details put into this little serpent. Every inch of this bangle is covered with a gorgeous cascade of scales, even the inside has been decorated to look like a snake’s underbelly! Plus it’s hard to resist that sweet little face."
30s Tibetan Coral and Turquoise Earrings (sold) and Collar $750

"I tried on this stunning necklace with the matching earrings just for fun when they first arrived at the shop and instantly fell in love! You really feel like you can take on an army while wearing these intense pieces. The craftsmanship put into each little crowned figure is genuinely incredible, they’re really mini masterpieces."

c. 1910 Bohemian Garnet Art Nouveau Bow Brooch (sold)

"I am a sucker for antique bohemian garnet jewelry and this beautiful little brooch really ticks all the boxes. The delicate design is architectural while the little vines add a nod to nature which I absolutely love! It’s an elegant little piece that looks like it could’ve belonged to a sophisticated Edwardian lady or to a stylish Vampire. Both looks work for me."

Top: the charm; Bottom: the image inside!

c. 1890 Bone Stanhope Spyglass Charm with Studio Photograph of Victorian Ladies Inside $140

"I adore charms and have become a bit of a collector. I think this little stanhope is incredibly special because of the unique image inside. Souvenir photos or prayers are probably the most common images in stanhope charms, but this fantastic little piece holds a little snapshot of four costumed women in what appears to be a play. It’s so dramatic, I love it! There is also something intrinsically lovely about carrying a secret little snippet of the past around with you. It feels like you are continuing their story."

20s Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Inquire for Price

"Just look at this ring! Is this not the most outstanding little diamond and sapphire number you’ve ever seen? It’s so detailed, but the design is delicate and elegant. And boy does it shine! I’m not usually a sparkle girl, but if I ever wanted to razzle dazzle ‘em, I’d start with this ring."
All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the rest of the team this week! They are a remarkable group of women and it is a joy to have them as part of the Icon Style family.

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team