Sunday Brunch: Victoriana

July 19, 2020
Dear friends,

This week's theme is one of our favorite periods in jewelry- Victorian! Victorian England saw a shift in thinking away from rationalism and towards romanticism, and you can see so in the lavish attention to detail, sentimentality, and swirling thoughtfulness in the jewelry of that time. Queen Victoria was the trendsetter of all trendsetters, and I think if she was around in 2020 she would shop at Icon Style (although it may be a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg type scenario). She and I share a love of snake jewelry- Victoria's wedding ring was a serpent. When her husband Prince Albert died, Victoria (as well as all of England) wore mourning jewelry until her death in 1901, a period which left us with many marvelous, moody pieces that really resonate with the goth in me (and are totally 21st century chic).

The Victorian era saw the advent of the full English breakfast, so let's dig in to our porridge and our jewels.


 This Week: Victoriana

Rose Gold Patterned Cigar Bands
Details, top to bottom:
1. 9k English Signet, Size 4.25 $695
2. Low 14k English Decagon Band, Size 6.25 $950
3. 14k Band c. 1890, Size 6.75 $925
4. 14k Decagon Band, Size 8.5 $995
These bands cannot be resized, so snap one up if it is your perfect fit!

c. 1870 Sterling Silver Clip-On Tassel Earrings $850

Very Victorian Love Knot & Starbust Stud Earrings in 14k Gold with Diamond Centers $1150

Rare Early Victorian Saphiret Glass Brooch $595


Saphiret Glass
Saphiret glass is a mid- to late-19th century phenomenon where melted gold was mixed into sapphire-colored glass to create the dazzling effect seen here. At the turn of the 20th century production of these pieces ceased, as the rising price of gold made the process cost-prohibitive.


c. 1875 Incredible 14k Gold Hairwork Earrings $695

Late Victorian Gold Filled Hoop Earrings (sold)

Late Victorian Gold Filled "Coral" Czech Glass Festoon Necklace with Natural Pearls $495

Top: Sterling Silver Crysoprase Fob $225; Bottom: Sterling Silver Bloodstone and Carnelian Spinner Fob (sold)

Gold Filled Watch Chains c. 1870, one with 14k gold double heart with opal $895, one rose gold with opal slide $675

Gorgeous Late Victorian Madeira Citrine Ring in 14k Gold $1450

French Jet & Gutta Percha Mourning Pieces
Details, top to bottom:
1. Gutta Percha Locket on Gold Filled Chain with Acorn Motif $250
2. Gutta Percha Hand and Sheaf of Wheat Brooch $325
3. Gutta Percha Patch Box (sold)
4. French Jet Fancy Cut Beads $495
5. French Jet Wrap Bracelet (as is) $165
French jet is black glass, and gutta percha is a natural plastic made from a Malaysian tree sap!

Clambroth Agate Letter "S" Seal Fob with Silver Bail $450

c. 1865 Sterling Silver and Pearl Crescent Moon Brooch $295



Gold Filled Victoriana
Details top to bottom:
1. c. 1890 Link Bracelet $295
2. c. 1870 Etruscan Motif Bangle $395
3. Very Unusual Etruscan Inspired Beads on Chain $625
Gold filled jewelry is made with a layered construction of karat gold over a base metal, and must be at least 5% gold by weight.

Gold Filled Griffin Watch Pin c. 1880 with Cultured Pearl $245

Early Victorian Sterling Silver and Pyrite Bracelet with Monogrammed Clasp $925

Victorian Sterling Silver Snake Circle Brooch with Rubies and Emeralds $525

Paste Scarf or Ascot Pin $325

c. 1890 Seed Bead Necklace $550

Late Victorian Sterling Silver and Agate Fob $325; Late Victorian Sterling Silver and Banded Agate English Earrings $625

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you see here, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

We have many more Victorian pieces for sale on our website, if these have whet your appetite for the 1800s. 
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Lots of love,

Lara Kornbluh and the Icon Style Team