Zodiac Collection

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60s Siam Sterling Silver and Enamel Ram Ring $85

30s Art Deco Crystal Intaglio Aries Earrings $255

70s Sterling Silver Aries Pendant Necklace $225

60s Aries Ring Made in West Germany $135

70s Pewter Aries Pendant Necklace, NOSS $95


70s Carved Horn Bull Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain $275
80s Gold Tone Taurus Pendant Necklace $150


70s Goldtone Gemini Pendant Necklace $125

60s Sterling Silver Gemini Ring $185

60s Goldtone Trifari Gemini Bracelet $85


70s Sterling Silver Cancer Ring with Red Brilliant $150

40s Sterling Silver, Marcasite, Pearl and Garnet Crab Brooch $225

40s Joseff of Hollywood Cancer Brooch $650

60s Two-tone Cancer Brooch $95


70s Sterling Silver Lion Ring with Cobalt Enamel $325

40s Bronze Lion Brooch $375

40s Lion Brooch with Untamable Mane $325

60s Two-tone Leo Brooch $95


70s Pewter Virgo Pendant Necklace, NOSS $95
70s Les Bernard Sterling Silver Virgo Ring with Garnet $175


70s Monet Libra Pendant Necklace $75

50s Sterling Silver Libra Ring $175
60s Razza Giant Scales of Justice Necklace $125


70s Sterling Silver Scorpion Ring $150
20s Silver and Cobalt Enamel Scorpio Brooch $235


70s Pewter Sagittarius Pendant Necklace, NOSS $95

70s Silvertone Enamel Sagittarius Necklace $165
70s Artisan Sterling Silver Sagittarius Necklace $225


Artist Signed 18k Green Gold Capricorn Necklace $2,850

70s Capricorn Necklace $125

70s "Plique-à-jour" Capricorn Pendant $265


30s Art Deco Crystal Intaglio Aquarius Earrings $255

80s Aquarius Pendant Necklace $95

50s Sterling Silver Aquarius Ring $175


70s Sterling Silver Pisces Necklace $185
40s Fish Sweater Pins with Glass Belly and Rhinestone Eyes $375