Sunday Brunch: Art & Beauty

June 7, 2020
Dear friends,

This is a very painful time in our world and the lid has blown off the pressure cooker for very clear and important reasons. We have two pandemics, one a health crisis and one a social crisis. It's a perfect storm of sadness, fear, and anger. One pandemic is new but the other has gone on for far too long.

With all that is happening we went on MUTE this week on social media to make space for other voices to be heard, and have spent this time listening and learning. I wasn't even sure if I would do a Sunday Brunch this week but I believe Icon Style's role is to bring beauty to you all in whatever ways we can, and to keep a memory of the past alive while still living in the now and looking towards the future, so we will continue to do that here. One thing I am sure of is art and beauty are healthy, so we will do what we can to spread them.

This Week's Jewelry: Filigree

Edwardian Platinum Filigree Ring with Old Euro Cut Diamonds and Synthetic Sapphires  $3,650

1920s Art Deco Lavalier Necklace with 14k White Gold Filigree, Onyx, and Diamond Center $925

1950s Italian Sterling Silver Filigree Box  $275 and 14k Gold Cultured Pearl Bracelet $475

c. 1915 14k White Gold Filigree Bracelet with Transitional Cut Diamonds  $1,150

1920s 14k White Gold Filigree Lavalier Necklace with Synthetic Emerald  $850

1920s 14k White Gold Filigree Brooch with Diamonds and Sapphires  $1,650

1920s 18k White Gold Filigree and Amethyst Ring  $625

1940s Brass Filigree Locket Bracelet with Toggle Clasp $425

1970s Antiqued Brass Filigree Floral Necklace $275

1920s Italian Silver Vermeil Filigree Necklace with Fringe $425

Art Deco 14k White Gold Filigree Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires $675

 As always, all the pieces in this Sunday Brunch collection are available for purchase, if you are interested please respond to this email for details.
This Week's Stay at Home Activities:
  • If you are a New York City resident, contact your City Council member to express your views. There is a public hearing coming up this month on criminalizing the use of chokeholds by police officers and creating standardized police discipline guidelines. 
  • Make sure you have your mail in ballot for June primaries. Learn about who is running in local elections, be sure to vote, real legislative change starts at the grassroots level.
This week we will begin cleaning and preparing our UWS boutique for visitors once again. We are looking forward to seeing your beautiful masked faces in person very soon!
Stay safe, Stay well & Love one another.

We love You!

Lara Kornbluh and the Icon Style Team