Sunday Brunch: Brutalism

September 27, 2020
Dear friends,

This week we are looking at brutalist jewelry- a subset of modernism that began around the 1950s. In jewelry, the movement is defined by rough edges and textures, and organic shapes. Torch cutting, burnishing, and applied patinas are commonly used to achieve the look. Most people either love or hate brutalism- which side are you on? We tried to pick some pieces for this group with universal appeal, and some for serious brutalist fans (like myself).

For brunch we recommend some raw fruits and veggies, if you want to embrace the organic and unfinished side of brutalism, or bangers and mash if you favor its angst and tumult.
This Week: Brutalism


Sculptural Hand-Wrought Brass!
70s Necklace $335; 70s Ring $250; 50s Brooch $275

50s Brass Cuff $375

Rachel Gera Sterling Silver and Carnelian Pin/Pendant $995

70s 950 Silver and Rock Crystal Studio Arts Collar $1,150
70s Half Hoop Clip-Ons with Green Art Glass $165
60s 14k Gold and Enamel Ring $895
60s 18k Ring with .35ct Diamonds and Lapis Lazuli Cabachon $1,850
60s Bracelet with "Angel Skin Coral" and "Lapis" Glass $325; 70s Panetta "Lapis" Glass Pin/Pendant $325
70s Pendant with Garnet and Peridot $265
60s Panetta Clip-On Earrings $325
70s 14k Gold Blister Pearl Bypass Ring $995
70s 14k Gold Ring with Sapphire Cabachons and .33ct of Diamonds $1,950
70s Studio Arts Sterling Silver Necklace $825
50s Sterling Silver German Clip-On Earrings $165

70s Hand-Wrought Mixed Metal Studio Arts Necklace $195

Artist Signed Copper, Brass and Enamel Fish Brooch with Glass Eye $395

Artisan Hand-Wrought Amethyst and Opal Ring in Sterling Silver $285

60s Sterling Silver Vermeil Ring with Tree Branch Setting and Faceted Amethyst Center $265

70s Erik Dennung for Buch & Deichmann Mixed Metals Cuff $395

Signed Artisan Bronze & 14k and 18k Gold Hand Brooch
Brutalism is not just for jewelry! It started as an architectural movement and worked its way into all corners of design. Its influence can be seen in all manner of structures and items from the mid-20th century. One of our favorite furniture items in the shop is the famous mushroom table. It is one of the most often complimented items in the shop, and gives off an "Alice in Wonderland" energy.
Signed Zarabi 1974 Brutalist Mushroom Coffee Table $2,200

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Have a lovely last week of September! I am so excited for the start of my favorite month, October- stay tuned for a special spooky edition of Sunday Brunch!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team