Sunday Brunch: Celestial Jewelry

October 3, 2020

Welcome to the start of what will be an annual tradition for our Sunday Brunch newsletter- Spooky & Sparkly Month! For every week in October we will be highlighting a spooky theme in jewelry, getting progressively more "frightful" as we approach my favorite holiday on the 31st!

This week, inspired by the Harvest Moon that kicked off the month, we are focusing on celestial jewelry! Suns, moons and stars, and everything that has to do with the night sky!

And for our brunch menu- embrace the night! Try breakfast for dinner.

This Week: Celestial Jewelry

18k White Gold Man in the Moon Enhancer with Planetary Ring of Diamonds (.63cts) $2,100

Left: 14k White Gold and Diamond Crescent Moon Necklace $625; Right: 70s 18k White Gold Shooting Star Diamond Necklace $795

c. 1890 Long Gold Filled Watch Chain with Crescent Moon Slideand Seed Pearl Accents $425


Left: c. 1865 Seed Pearl and Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Brooch $295; Right: c. 1880 14k Gold Sunburst Pin/Pendant with Seed Pearls and .25ct Old Mine Cut Center Diamond $725
Left: c. 1870 Paste Star Brooch $225; Right: c. 1910 14k Rose Gold and Platinum Locket with Rose Cut Diamond in Center Star $995

c. 1850 18k Gold and Platinum "Starry Night" Halo Ring with Rose Cut Diamonds and Sapphires $2,950

70s Dreamcatcher Earrings with Moon, Heart, and Star Charms $150

Vintage Josef of Hollywood "Sungod" Brooch with Articulated Rhinestone Eyes $375

Tiffany & Co. Man in the Moon Sterling Silver Baby Rattle $425

Left: Sterling Silver Man in the Moon Ring $145; Right: 80s Sterling Silver Man in the Moon Necklace $140

50s Victorian Revival 14k Gold and Opal Crescent Moon Brooch $450

14k Gold Art Nouveau Woman, Moon and Stars Cufflinks with Old Mine Cut Diamond Accents $1,350

80s Sterling Silver Oversized Star Brooch $255

Top: 1920s Art Deco Onyx, Sterling Silver, and Paste Ring $235; Bottom: 80s Sterling Silver Great Falls Metalworks NYC Skyline Brooch with Onyx Moon $235

40s Sterling Silver Halley's Comet Brooch with Paste and Glass Cabachon $275

60s French "Tortoiseshell" Celluloid Shooting Star Rhinestone Clip-On Earrings $135

c. 1860 Victorian Gold Filled Crescent Moon Brooch with Enamel and "Pearl" Center $125

14k Victorian Love Knot Studs with Starbursts and Mine Cut Diamond Centers $1,150

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Hope you all love the Halloween season as much as I do and are looking forward to our next few weeks of spooky themes!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team