Sunday Brunch: Garnets

January 17, 2021
Dear friends,

This week we are looking at the January birthstone- garnets! Garnets have been a centerpiece in jewelry for millennia; used to make signet rings by the Ancient Romans and found adorning mummies in Egyptian tombs. Their deep red color and dark moody glitter make them one of my personal favorite gems. Keep reading for some more fun facts about garnets, as well as some of our favorite garnet pieces from the Icon Style collection!

Today's brunch menu should definitely include a helping of pomegranate seeds- it is thought that the name "garnet" is derived from the Latin word for pomegranate, as garnet crystals quite closely resemble the seeds!
This Week: Garnets


30s Two Headed Snake Ring in Sterling Silver with Garnet

c. 1880 Victorian Sterling Silver Claw Set Garnet Ring $850

c. 1950 15k Gold Garnet Bracelet

40s Gold Filled Bohemian Garnet Necklace $295

 Garnets were very popular in the Victorian era and early 20th century. Cluster designs were a favored choice for garnets, meant to mimic their namesake pomegranate seeds!

c. 1915 Bohemian Garnet Ring with 14k Gold Shank and Silver Top $725; c. 1830 Late Georgian 14k Gold and Silver Ring with Mixed Cut Diamonds and Garnet Center Stone $1850

c. 1920 Gold Filled Bohemian Garnet Bracelet $875; 30s Silver Bohemian Garnet Ring $395

Bohemian garnets, found in the northern part of the Czech Republic, have exceptional sparkle due to their clarity, transparency and refractive properties. These deposits were first discovered around the year 1500, and the resulting stones have been highly sought after ever since!

30s Silver Vermeil Bohemian Garnet Ring $295

Bohemian Garnet Brooches:
Top Right: 30s German Made Star Brooch $225; Bottom Right: Victorian Gold Filled Brooch with Clover and Festoons $325; Left: Victorian Gold Filled Brooch with Rose Cut Stones and Fringe $385
 Rhodolite garnets have a slight purple tint, and are one of the more valuable varieties of garnet.


c. 1890 Victorian 10k Gold Rhodolite Garnet Navette Ring with Rose Cut Diamonds $995

c. 1870 Victorian14k Gold Ring with Rhodolite Garnets and Exquisite Repoussé $1,450

 In the Middle Ages, some believed that dragons had garnets for eyes!


20s 14k Gold Beautifully Engraved Double Dragon Ring with Garnets

14k Gold Stud Earrings with Checkerboard Cut Garnets

c. 1860 Victorian 14k Gold Taille d'Epargne Enamel Earrings with Garnet $825

c. 1870 Victorian Maltese Cross Ring with Garnets and Seed Pearls in 15k Rose Gold $850
All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, please reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Happy birthday to all of you January babies out there, and if your birthday is not in January, keep an eye out when your birthday month comes along! Our goal is to do a newsletter for each birthstone for every month this year!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team

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