Sunday Brunch: Love & Lockets

April 12, 2020
Dear friends,
With the holidays this week, distance from our loved ones has weighed particularly heavy on our hearts. It is difficult not to sit around a table and share these occasions, but we are learning lots of new ways to be together apart, whether it's "Zoomover" seders or a watch party of Andrea Bocelli's performance from Duomo di Milano... that's happening today at 1pm EST. We have all had to get creative and this newsletter has been an amazing way to connect with you all. Also helpful have been video chats- lots and lots of video chats!
Stay at Home activities that made us smile this week:
  • #gettymuseumchallenge on Twitter and Instagram to recreate works of art from home
  • Randy Rainbow's "Andy!" parody song about crushing on Cuomo
  • John Krasinski's "Some Good News", because who couldn't use some good news
For jewelry this week we have some pieces that were made to help us carry a reminder of our loved ones with us wherever we may be, so grab your scone (or matzah) and your coffee and let's dive into the jewelry!

This week: Love & Lockets

c. 1900 Gold Filled Watch Fob Chain with Locket $550

1920s Art Deco 15k Rose Gold and Platinum Locket on Platinum Chain $2,850

1920s Sterling Silver Lockets with Guilloche Enamel $425 and $325

Fun Fact: One of the earliest and most famous examples of portrait lockets was a favorite ring of Queen Elizabeth I. The ring held a picture of the Queen and her mother Anne Boleyn. 
Fun Fact: Lockets aren't just for photos of your family and friends. Throughout the Renaissance, people would also commission lockets with miniature paintings of the reigning King or Queen as a political statement to show their loyalty to that particular monarch.

c. 1875 Gold Filled Victorian Locket engraved with initials "CCS" on back (sold)

Victorian c. 1880 Gold Filled Taille d'Epargné Enamel Forget-Me-Not Locket $295
Fun Fact: Common motifs found on Victorian lockets include Forget-me-not flowers, representing remembrance, and belts which symbolize faithfulness and love. 

Fun Fact: Prince Albert once gave Queen Victoria a bracelet made up of eight lockets, each locket held a piece of hair from one of their eight children. 

Rare Victorian 15k Gold English Hair Locket Pin/Pendant with Emerald, Ruby and Pearls; Taille d'Epargne Enamel Accents; can hold a photo, pressed flower, or anything small and flat! $2,850

Victorian Beveled Crystal Photo Frame Brooch with Hilarious 1940s Photo of Woman and Cat $525

1950s Brass Locket with "Garnet" Glass (sold)

Monogram Mania Art Deco Era 14k Gold Hand Engraved Lockets $925 and $495

Victorian Aesthetic Period Locket with Hand Engraved Crane and Reeds c. 1885 $495

All pieces from our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase. If you are interested in a piece just reply to this email and we'll send you the details. 
Happy holidays from the Icon Style team- from our family to yours! We are finally on the Zoom train, and have started weekly staff meetings! So far, so fun! Also gets us thinking about doing some kind of live stream for our clients, so stay tuned...!

Lots of love and well wishes,
Lara Kornbluh and the Icon Style Team