Sunday Brunch: Pretty & Practical

Dear friends,

This was our first week of being back to normal (or at least the new normal) and we've been so happy to welcome back our customers. We have been diligent in our cleaning and control the amount of people in the space at a time, and we are proud to be able to provide a place where our clients can feel safe and relaxed while getting out of the house and enjoying a little treasure hunting.

This week's theme "Pretty and Practical" has been a thing for a long time- from the chatelaines of Ancient Rome, the Dutch Republic and England, to the netsukes and inros of Japan. The chatelaine was a piece of jewelry that hung from the waist where one would hang practical household tools including watch keys, seals, scissors and pencils. They were beautifully crafted and made with practicality in mind. We've collected a few pieces that embody that idea that practical items should still be pretty, so you can bring some beauty into everyday tasks (or just have a chic necklace that could also come in useful in a pinch!)

I've got my practical breakfast here of a hard boiled egg, some fruit, and a granola bar, and if you're ready let's dive in to the jewels!

This Week: Pretty & Practical

18th Century Georgian Era Forged Steel Seal Fobs $495 each

Smaller one has monogram "M," Larger one has monogram "H" 

Ribbon Threaders!
Fantastic set for all your corset needs! Sterling silver c. 1885 with original silk pouch.
Also amazing as pendants on a necklace!

1950s 14k Gold Abacus Charm (for when you have to do the math) $595

1920s Art Deco French Celluloid Comb Pendant $195

Victorian Silver Quizzing Glass $275

H.J. Cooper & Co. Ltd. Sterling Silver Skirt Lifter 1890 $275

Pencil Pendants! Always be ready to make a note
From left to right: Art Deco Cross Pencil Pendant in 800 Silver with Bakelite Top Unused in Original Box $165; 1920s Sterling Silver Pencil Pendant $110; Late Victorian 14k Gold Hand Engraved Pencil with "MA" Monogram $495; c. 1890 Victorian Sterling Silver Engraved Pencil with Silk Tassel $115
 Swizzle Stick! For those pesky champagne bubbles.


1957 Cohen & Charles Sterling Silver Swizzle Stick (sold)

Twist to retract the swizzle stick for the perfect chic accessory!


The fanciest way to keep the essentials on hand.
Left: c. 1920 Sterling Silver Hand Engraved Match Safe $395; Right: c. 1870 Sterling Silver Vesta Case $265


c. 1920 Guilloche Enamel Watch Necklace $1,750

c. 1860 Steel and Brass Watch Key $95; c. 1840 Sterling Silver Watch Key with Gorgeous Yellow Agate $325

Jean Louis Scherrer 60s Parisian Perfume Vinaigrette $295

c. 1880 Victorian Sterling Silver Nosegay with Wild Boar Motif, complete with lampwork bead bouquet $495
 Compact Necklaces! Check your face, no matter the place.


Enamel and Paste Compact Necklace $225

Enamel and Paste Compact Necklace $225

Art Nouveau Souvenir Compact Necklace from the Arcadia Hotel in Santa Monica $450

Love that vintage powder puff!

 Compact Bracelet! Same concept, different jewelry.


Rare French 1930s Marques de Elorza Compact on Chrome Mesh Bracelet $350

Still has original rouge and puff!

Hourglass Charms!

Left: 1950s Sterling Silver 2 Second Hourglass Charm $125; Right: 1940s 14k Gold 12 Second Hourglass Charm $350
 A golden toothpick, of course!


c. 1900 Victorian Pique and Inlayed Abalone Toothpick $225

You can't actually wear this one, but carry it in your purse to bring endless glamour to a not-so-glamorous task.

14k Needle & Threader in Original Velvet Box $550
The perfect gift for the special seamstress in your life.
 Button Hook! No more struggling with tight button holes.


Gold Filled Victorian Button Hook, engraved "MCH 16 86" $225 (any March 16, 1986 birthdays out there?)

Twist to retract and wear as a pendant. You could even hang a charm from the hook, if you don't need it regularly for buttons!

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you see here, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Until next week, enjoy being able to get out a bit and enjoy summer! Swing by the shop on a sunny day- you can make an appointment, or pop in when the mood strikes you, we are open Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-6pm (closed Saturday for 4th of July). We are also still doing virtual shopping appointments for customers who aren't ready to come into the shop (or who just prefer to be comfy on the couch), email us to make an appointment if you're interested!

Have a wonderful week! Lots of love,

Lara Kornbluh and the Icon Style Team