Sunday Brunch: Tokens and Talismans

June 21, 2020
Dear friends,

2020 is proving to be all about keeping your head in the right place, and while some things are well fixed in our minds and won't soon be forgotten, for others a little reminder could go a long way. That's where tokens and talismans come in- a little something to keep the good vibes strong and keep you focused on the right things. I have a few myself and it is such a reassurance to glimpse those little reminders in tough times and take a moment to reflect and recenter.

If you could use a little reminder of your own, or know someone else that could, this week's edition is for you! Grab a muffin and a coffee, and let's dive on in!

This Week: Tokens & Talismans

This ring was the inspiration for this week's theme- it's all the lucky charms in one!

Tricolor Lucky Ring in 14k Gold $895 featuring four leaf clovers, lucky #7, the Evil Eye, old age, an owl, elephant, and horseshoe
Female Empowerment

1970s Black Lucite Figa $98; Victorian Sterling Silver Figa $250; 1960s Rock Crystal Figa (sold)


1980s 18k Gold SeidenGang Padlock Charm

Luck is on your side!

Clockwise from top: c. 1900 Mother of Pearl Horseshoe and Four Leaf Clover Brooch from the British Islesc. 1920 Sprig of Real Clover Brooch Set in Brass Frame $210; 1920s Real Four Leaf Clover in Heart Brooch with Attached Bow $195; 1940s Sterling Silver and Enamel Clover Charm $85; 1920s Austrian Agate Clover Brooch $125

Peace & Love

1960s Peace Sign Sterling Silver Ring $175; 1960s Silvered White Brass Love Bangle $135

חי for Life

Vintage Sterling Silver and Diamond Chai Necklace $395


From top to bottom: 1970s Mexican Sterling Silver and Tortoiseshell Dragonfly Brooch $325; 1920s German Sterling Silver, Marcasite and Ruby Dragonfly Brooch $375Art Nouveau Sterling Silver and Butterfly Wing Thomas L. Mott Dragonfly Brooch $425

Lucky Penny

1960s Lucky Penny Stud Earrings $75

Love & Friendship

1920s Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring $115

Protection from the Evil Eye!

Turkish Sterling Silver and Art Glass Necklace (sold); 1930s Glass Charm $115

Rhinestone Eye Brooch with "Lapis" Glass $225

Lucky Elephants

1970s Sterling Silver Elephant Band $185; Late 1800s Jaipur, India Enamel Bracelet $450

A roll of the dice!

1970s Sterling Silver Handmade Die Charm $85

The anchor of hope!

Early Victorian Hilliard & Thomason Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Anchor Brooch dated 1848

1950s Sterling Silver Anchor Charm Necklace $175; 1950s Sterling Silver Lighthouse Charm $165


All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in adding one of these pieces to your collection or getting one as a gift, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.


And a very very Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Especially all the Icon Style staff dads- Marty, Louis, John and Nicholas.


Our first week back in the shop has been such a delight- thank you again to everyone who has stopped by, whether to shop or to say hello. We are looking forward to moving into Phase Two here in NYC, and being able to have customers back in the shop. If all goes according to plan will we be open for customers to come in and browse as of Tuesday 6/23, and this week will be open from 12pm-6pm Tuesday-Sunday.


Have a wonderful week! Lots of love,

Lara Kornbluh and the Icon Style Team