Sunday Brunch: Victorian Mourning

 October 18,2020
Dear friends,

This week's Spooky & Sparkly theme is Victorian Mourning jewelry, in honor of Halloween's origins as the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when it was believed the ghosts of the dead returned to the Earth. The Victorians were extremely sentimental, and after the death of Prince Albert, mourning jewelry became very popular out of respect for Queen Victoria's loss. Black was all the rage in clothing and accessories, and jet, gutta percha, and onyx were commonly used in jewelry of all kinds.

This is one of my personal favorite jewelry movements, for its unique use of materials and its bizarre sentimentality. Each piece featured in this week's collection was made to carry a reminder of an individual close to the original owner's heart- the jewelry equivalent of a ghost! But they are all sure to be friendly spirits, having been so lovingly memorialized.

This Week: Victorian Mourning Jewelry


Handmade Victorian Sweetgrass Watch Chain with Gunmetal Clasp $695

Onyx & Seed Pearls!
c. 1880 Bar Pin in 14k Gold with Star Center $595; 14k Gold Victorian Sheaf of Wheat Pin/Pendant $950

Victorian Photo Lockets. A Real Family Tree of Brooches and Pendants! Prices Vary, Inquire for Details

c. 1915 Jet Bracelet with Japanned Metal in Astounding Condition $850


Victorian Gutta Percha Shield Shaped Brooch with Hidden Locket $575
Fun Fact: Gutta percha is a natural plastic made from a Malaysian tree sap! It is both flexible and durable, and was often used as an inexpensive alternative to jet.


c. 1880 Scottish Agate Cross Pendant with Silver Fittings $495


Hair Jewelry!
Top: c. 1860 14k Gold Hair Brooch with Onyx Details $375; Right: c. 1840 Silver Vermeil Hair Brooch $345; Bottom: c. 1870 9k Gold Cross Made of Woven Hair $395

c. 1880 Jet Drop Earrings with Gold Filled Fittings $465
c. 1880 Gutta Percha Locket with Acorn Motif on Gold Filled Chain $250


Rare Victorian Hair Sculpture in Original Bell Jar, with Blonde Hair!!! $800
Fun Fact: Just like in nature, red and blond hair is rarer in Victorian hairwork! This incredible hair sculpture has a little bit of every color.

Top: c. 1890 Jet Wrap Bracelet (as bead has chip but is totally wearable) $165; Bottom: c. 1870 Larger Jet Wrap Bracelet $225

"In Memory Of" Victorian Gold Filled Brooch with Enamel and Agate

c. 1875 Incredible 14k Gold Hairwork Earrings $695
c. 1870 15k Gold Etruscan Revival English Brooch with Granulation and Hair Locket in the Back $1,650


c. 1880 Victorian Gutta Percha and Silver Monogrammed Locket on Silver Filigree Chain inquire for details
c. 1860 Gold Filled Taille d'Épargne Enamel Locket with Forget-Me-Not

c. 1890 Opera Length Whitby Jet Necklace $325

Fun Fact: Whitby jet is derived from compressed wood found on the coast of Whitby, England. It has been a popular material for jewelry since the 1800s because of its light weight, smooth texture, and deep black color (thus originating the term "jet black!").


c. 1915 Carved Gutta Percha Earrings with Gold Filled Fittings $295

c. 1890 Jet Cameo Necklace on Original Twisted Rope Cord with Brass Fittings $375

c. 1880 Victorian Jet Gold Filled Necklace with Fancy Cut Star Beads $495
c. 1880 Gutta Percha Cuff with Carved Centerpiece
All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Be sure to check your inbox next week for the final installment of our Spooky & Sparkly series! We have had so much fun over the last few weeks sharing our love of the Halloween season with you all, and hearing about your costume ideas! This Halloween may not look quite like past years, but we're still making the most of our favorite holiday!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team