Sunday Brunch: Witch's Brew!

October 11, 2020
 This Week: All the ingredients for your Witch's Brew!

70s Handmade Sterling Silver Spider in Web Ring $265

80s-90s Sterling Silver Marcasite Salamander Brooch with 14k Gold Collar and Cuffs $295
30s 14k Gold Glass Eye Charm in Fancy Tooth Edge Bezel. It has a Second Secret Eye on the Reverse $625
80s Balinese Sterling Silver Snake Earrings with Garnet Crowns $150
20s Angel Skin Coral Claw/Tooth Sterling Silver Charm-Pendant $165
c. 1865 Brass Perfume Bottle Chatelaine Pendant with Original Glass Stopper $450
Top: 30s Dragons Breath Sterling Silver Rings $325 each; Bottom: Circa 1915 Arts & Crafts Dragons Breath and Sterling Silver Ring $595
90s Mexican Sterling Silver Spider Brooch with Chalcedony Cabachon $185
60s Sterling Silver Celluloid Eyeball Earrings $295
Vintage Sterling Silver Tiny Toad Ring $35

60s Art Snake Head Clip Earrings with Enamel and Rhinestone Eyes $150

60s Enamel Mushroom Brooch $145
Sterling Silver Peking Glass Rings
Top: c. 1900 with Snake Shank $675;
Bottom: 50s with Dragon Shank $650
Side view so you can see the creatures!
The sparkliest "Eye of newt and toe of frog" you'll ever see! Top: 80s Wendy Gell Salamander Brooch $325; Bottom: 80s Valentino Frog Brooch Available Online
70s 18k Gold Carved Jade Hand Pendant $950
Sterling Silver Vermeil Artisan Batwing Brooch with Citrine Cabachon $250
70s Sterling Silver Ram Pendant $225


Top: 80s Sterling Silver Frog Brooch with Marcasites, Chrysoprase, and Onyx Eyes $235; Bottom: 50s Sterling Silver Frog Brooch with Mother of Pearl Belly and Red Brilliant Eyes $85

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase!
If you are interested in a piece you've seen, just reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Can't wait to see what wonderful concoctions you all brew up with these pieces. See you next week with some more Spooky & Sparkly treasures!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team