Sunday Brunch: Zodiac

January 31, 2021
Dear friends,

This week we're looking at the Zodiac, that shining example of humanity's unending search for meaning. Astrology as a mode of thinking is, of course, millennia old, with the modern definition and daily-newspaper-column approach dating back to the 1930s. The 1970s saw a boom in the popularity of horoscopes and the Zodiac in the United States, leading to a bounty of fabulous jewelry to designate the wearer as an Aries, Pisces, and everything in between.

So check your horoscope for today, and then scroll down for some jewelry that's just your sign! (if the stars dictate that you should, that is).


70s Zodiac Wheel Pendant Necklace with Multi-color Rhinestone Frame $250

30s Art Deco Reverse Painted Bubble Glass Zodiac Charm Necklace $650

30s Art Deco Crystal Intaglio Aries Earrings $255

60s Siam Sterling Silver and Enamel Ram Ring $85

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80s Gold Tone Taurus Necklace $150

70s Carved Horn Bull Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain $275

60s Sterling Silver Gemini Ring $185 

60s Trifari Gemini Bracelet $85

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70s Sterling Silver Lion Ring with Cobalt Enamel $325

60s Two-tone Leo Brooch $95

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70s Les Bernard Sterling Silver Virgo Ring with Garnet $175

70s Pewter Virgo Pendant Necklace, NOSS $95


60s Razza Giant Scales of Justice Necklace $125

50s Sterling Silver Libra Ring $175

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70s Sterling Silver Scorpion Ring $150

20s Silver and Cobalt Enamel Scorpio Brooch $235


70s Sterling Silver Sagittarius Necklace $225

70s Silvertone Enamel Sagittarius Necklace $165

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70s "Plique-à-jour" Capricorn Pendant $265

Artist Signed 18k Green Gold Capricorn Necklace $2,850
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50s Sterling Silver Aquarius Ring $175

30s Art Deco Crystal Intaglio Aquarius Earrings $255

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70s Sterling Silver Pisces Necklace $185

40s Fish Sweater Pins with Glass Belly and Rhinestone Eyes $375

All items in our Sunday Brunch collections are available for purchase! If you are interested in a piece you've seen, please reply to this email for details on how to buy.

Hope your week is filled with all the celestial good fortune!

Stylishly yours,

Lara and the team